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I presently live in Palmerston North, New Zealand, but am willing to relocate to any other area for the right opportunity. I have legal authorisation to live and work in both New Zealand and the USA, but am willing to consider other countries.

I have attended Massey University, for a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Microbiology and minor in Biochemistry, and am currently finishing a postgraduate diploma in Microbiology. My research project involves the Ff family of bacteriophages, and I was apparantly the first person to create electron micrographs of the Ff phage membrane-bound assembly complex.

I am interested in seeking employment as a lab technician, including food production, quality control, water quality, animal health, and hospital testing. Job offers anywhere in New Zealand or elsewhere would be welcome.

After a period of work, I would be focused on returning to university to finish a Master's Degree in Microbiology.

Please feel free to contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

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