Links For Science Students

All of these links have been visited by me, to check quality. Those with a *red asterisk are highly recommended. Almost all of these resources are free to anyone who wants to read or view.

The majority of these are aimed to students at university or high school. Although many will be interesting to people who simply have a personal interest in science.

For homeschooled children, I especially recommend the Khan Academy site (free), which features mathematics lessons from primary school level to middle school level, and also a few other subjects. However, that site is useful to everyone, and includes more advanced material suitable for AP high school students and for university students

Aside from the obvious banners, I recieve zero other money from any of the links on this site. It's a small net loss overall.

Suggestions for links are welcome. Email or contact me via social media on the Yoyodyne site index page.

I will go through to update this page as time allows, to re-check links, and to clean up the formatting.

I spent many years as a poor kid with zero formal education, but with a library card. Maybe you also have been, or currently are.

YouTube Channels

0 - 9

100 Lyric - Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine

360 Ed M Laurence - Biology (Animations)

5 Minute School - Anatomy and Physiology (also has a Web Site with Biochemistry, Chemistry)

7 Active Studio - Biology, Chemistry, Physics


Aaron E - Biochemistry

Abity - Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology, and many other subjects (includes numbered series and full-length lectures)

Abnova - Biotechnology (includes lab techniques)

Academy Plus - Chemistry including numbered series

acr92651 - Lab Techniques

* Kevin Ahern - BB450 - BB451 - Biochemistry (includes numbered series of full lectures) - Also has related lecture slidesHere Here Here and Here

Imad Haidar Ahmad - Analytical Chemistry And Chromatography For Graduate Students (All course lectures)

aikora666 - Biology, Chemisty

Ajlatos - Biochemistry, Genetics


* AK Lectures

A Level Chemistry Revision Videos / Allery Tutors - Chemistry

Alila Medical Media - Anatomy & Physiology, Genetics

American Society for Microbiology - Microbiology

Anatomy GMC

Anatomy Zone

AP Bull Chemistry

ausetute - Chemistry

Steven Autieri - Microbiology (includes numbered series of long-form lectures)


Adam Beatty - Mathematics, Thermodynamics

Bell Curved Education - Mathematics (Including trigonometry and calculus)

Lucille Benedict - Chemistry

Adam Bergeron - Biochemistry

Berkeley Lab - Short Speeches (many topics)

Best Documentaries - Miscellaneous

Suman Bhattacharjee - Biology, Chemistry

Beverly Biology - Biochemistry, Genetics

Biochemistry Purdue - Biochemistry

Biochemistry Rocks - Biochemistry

Biochem JM - Biochemistry

Bio Comp Pictures

Bio Informatics Tutorials - Genetics

Biology 101 - Biology, Genetics

Biology 102 - Genetics

Biology 103 - Microbiology

Biology Basics - Biochemistry, Biology

Biology Courses - Biology, Microbiology (includes lab techniques)

Biology Exams 4 U - Biology, Genetics

Biology / Medicine Animations HD

Biology Professor

Biology Rangitoto - Biology, Genetics

Biomedical Movies - Biology

BioNetwork - Genetics Lab Proceedures

Bio Prof Az - Microbiology (including lab techniques)

BioRad Life Science - Biotechnology

Bio Tech Guru - Biochemistry

Bio e Techniques - Lab Techniques

Biotech Review - Biochemistry, Chemistry (short animations)

Mike Birkhead -Biochemistry, Medicine

Blackburn College Chemistry

Bleier Biology

Bluecoat Chemistry - Chemistry

Blumenstiel Genetics - Genetics

Gilles Bolduc - Biochemistry, Microbiology

Dan Boniciolli - Chemistry

Boomerchemistry -

Boyne at Bradford - Biochemistry, Genetics (includes full-length lectures)

Bozeman Science - Biology, Chemistry

Chastity Bradford - Biology (including numbered series)

bradyexplains - Chemistry

* Wayne Breslyn - Chemistry

Brightstorm - Chemistry, Math, Science

Amanda Brindley - Chemistry

Broad Institute - Genetics

BSC Cell - Biochemistry, Genetics

BU Chem - Chemistry

Bob Burk - Chemistry

Burke Biology - Biochemistry

Butte Science - Chemistry (Including lab techniques)

Bytesize Science - Chemistry


California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

Johnny Cantrell - Chemistry

Capilano U Chem Lab - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

Thanos Capsalis - Biology (short animations)

Carolina Biological

Case Western Reserve University

Stephanie Castle - Biochemistry, Cell Biology

Catalyst University - Biochemistry (including numbered series)

Peter Cavnar - Biochemistry (including numbered lesson series)

Cell Applications - Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Genetics (including lab techniques for cell cultures)

Cell Signaling Technology Inc.

* Chad's Prep - Chemistry and Physics. Also has a web site

M Champagne - Biochemistry

John Chapman - Biology, Microbiology

Chem 101 BSU - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

Chem 2050 - Chemistry Lab Techniques

Chem 2 Farr

Chem Flicks

Chem Guy -

Chemical Heritage Foundation - Also has a web site.

ChemieRUB - Chemistry (Numbered lecture series on organic synthesis)

*Chemist NATE

Chemistry Class - Chemistry (Includes numbered series of full-length lectures)

Chemistry Connected - Chemistry

Chemistry with Dr H - Chemistry

Chemistry Regents Video Tutor - Chemistry

Chemistry Russell - Chemistry

The Chemistry SolutionChem Survival

Chemistry U T Austin

Chemistry With Dr. Smith - Chemistry (Includes numbered full lecture series)

Chemistry World UK - Chemistry

Chem Simoneau - Chemistry (includes thermodynamics and numbered series)

Chem Tano - Chemistry

ChemTubeUK - Chemistry

Mike Christiansen - Chemistry

Ray Cinti - Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Genetics

Mark Clemente

Clutch Prep - Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics (Very large selection)


Johnny Clore - Genetics

CNU Biochemistry - Biochemistry

The College Gateway - Chemistry

Phillip Cook - Chemistry

Janet Coonce

Course Grinder - Chemistry, Mathematics, Programming

Crash Course - Biology, Chemistry, and Others


Tuan Dang - Chemistry Animations (very short)

Davis Chem - Chemistry

Jean Davis - Chemistry

*Tyler DeWitt - Chemistry

Kevin Dirksen - Chemistry (includes numbered series of short topics)

DNA Learning Center

Documentary Tube - Many Topics

DodgeMCAT - Chemistry

Dove Biology - Biology, Environmental

Down Zero - Biochemistry Animations (including numbered series)

drbodwin -

DUE Media Services at UC Irvine

Duke University Open Chemistry - Chemistry

Tod Duncan - Microbiology, Genetics


Eagles Biology - Biology, Chemistry

Educator.Com - Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics (Including numbered lesson series)

Edvotek - Biochemistry (lab protocol demonstrations)

eMedTV - Medicine

Encyclopaedia Britannica

EnderlePhD - Chemistry

Engineer 4 Free - Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics

Engineer Clearly - Biology, Chemistry, Statistics

Eric's Medical Lectures

* Michael Evans - Biochemistry, Chemistry (includes numbered series)

Exam Fear - Chemistry (includes numbered series)



Fairfax Biology - Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Genetics

Farnborough Chemistry - Chemistry (including lab techniques)


FCPSjrswtitzer - Biology, Genetics, Medicine

David Finkel - Calculus, Organic Chemistry

* Leah Fisch / Leah4Sci - Chemistry. Also has a web site.

Fishers Biology - Biology

Fisher Science Education - Biochemistry lab techniques, esp. gel electrophoesis)

Flinn Scientific - Chemistry (includes lab techniques and demonstrations)

Flipped Learning - Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics

Mr. Ford's Class - Anatomy & Physiology

Frankly Chemistry

Free Education My Arse - Chemistry

* Freelance Teach - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Jon Freer

Mr. Friday's Channel - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Fus Chemistry - Chemistry (including numbered series)

The Fuse School - Global Education - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics


Sue Gamel-McCormick - Pharmacology, Physiology

Mark Garcia - Biochemistry

Garland Science - Biochemistry, Biology

Ben Garside - Biochemistry (including numbered series of long-form lessons)

Allen Gathman - Genetics

GE Healthcare Life Sciences - Biochemistry (including lab techniques)

Gen Chem Concepts

Genentech - Pharmaceutical Industry

Genomic Lectures - Genetics (series of 10 lectures)

Get Chemistry Help - Chemistry

Kevin Glass - Genetics

Melissa Golden - Chemistry (including numbered series)

The Great Courses

Great Pacific Media - Biology

Kristina Gremsky - Biology, Environment (numbered series)

Group 13 - Chemistry


Linda Hansen - Chemistry

Harvard Medical School - Medicine

Harvard University -

C.R. Harrison - Chemistry (Including lab techniques)

Armando Hasudungan -

Kate Hayden - Biochemistry (including numbered series)

Hayescience - Biology

Health Medicine & Disease - Anatomy and Physiology,

Susanna Heinze - Biology, Microbiology

Paul G. Hewitt - Physics

HHMI Biointerative - Many topics

Ed Himelblau & ;- Biology

Benjamin Himme - Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology

T Holbrook - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Genetics (includes numbered series)

Aubrie Holman - Biology, Genetics, Mathematics

How Stuff Works

* Roxi Hulet - Chemisty including numbered series for general and organic.

Human Anatomy Education

HSC Help - Biology, Chemistry

HumBio Core - Biochemistry - Also has

Hybrid Medical


iBio Education


I Get Chem

Igines - Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Incl Lab Techniques

Iken Edu - Biology, Physics, Soil

ILesctureOnline / Michel van Biezen
 - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, including numbered short-form lessons. Also has a website.

Imperial College London

Innova Biosciences - Lab Teechniques

Insight Media


Interactive Biology - Biology

Isaacs Teach - Chemistry (includes numbered series)




Jam Mar MMX - GCSE Revision

Jan Jensen / University of Copenhagen - Chemsitry, thermodynamics

Walter Jahn - Biology, Environment, Genetics (includes short animations)

JCC CEM 141 - Chemistry

Matthew B. Jensen - Neurology

JFR Chemistry

J Lamb Bio - Biology, Chemistry

David Johnson, Phd - Biochemistry

Graham Johnson - Biochemistry animations

Melissa Johnson - Anatomy and Physiology

Mark Jolley - Microbiology

Mike Sugiyama Jones - Chemistry

David Johnson PhD - Proteins

Jumeirah College Science - Chemistry, Physics


K Class Science Channel - Many topics

Larry Keely - Biochemistry, Insect Physiology

Shaun Kelly - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics (full course series')

Kent Chemistry - Also has a website

Jeff Keyte - Anatomy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Medicine

Khan Academy - Organic Chemistry

Cason King - Biochemistry Animations

Dean Kinkoph - Chemistry Vance Kite - Biology, Environmental, Genetics

Ron Kinser - Biology

Peter Kappa - Biochemistry (mostly enzymes)

Dr. Klioze - Biochemistry

Mike Klymkowsky - Biochemistry

Knowbee - Chemistry

Meredith Koester - Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics

Tracy Kovach - Medicine

Dr. David Kreller Chemistry - Chemistry

Kendrick Krouse - Mathematics

Kwesiamoa - Chemistry


Lab 207 ./ Vance Kite - Biochemistry, Biology

Lab Tricks

Lawrence Hell Of Science - CHEM Study (very old  chemistry lessons from the 1980s)

Learn Biologically - Biology

Learn Chem E - Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamics

Learn Math Tutorials - Mathematics

Lecturio Medical Education Videos - Medicine

Let's Learn Science - Biology, Chemistry

LiveLab Network - Technology and society

Loomis Chaffee Microbiology / Molecular Biology

Luminol Synthesis - Chemistry

Adam Lundquist - Chemistry


Ma Chem Guy - Chemistry

The Mad Scientist - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Mollie Manier - Genetics (numbered series of full-length lectures)

Marchand Biology - Anatomy and Physiology, Biology

Mark Microbiology - Medical Microbiology (including lab techniques)

Bryce Marquis - Chemistry

Master Organic Chemistry - Chemistry

Master The Content - Chemistry (including numbered series of lessons)

Materials Concepts - Chemistry

Math Is A Sport - Mathematics

Math Meeting - Mathematics

JP McCormick / Quick Orgo - Chemistry

Mechanisms In Medicine - Medicine Animations

Medical Terminology - Anatomy & Physiology

Medic Tutorials - Anatomy & Physiology

Menteon Learning - Biochemistry, Biology

Michael Mayer - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Jeremy McCallum - Chemistry

Mechanisms in Medicine

Med Cram Videos

Yair Meiry - Biophysics (full 25 part lecture series)

Merit Nation - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Minute Physics - Physics

Micro-Bio 225 - Microbiology

Microbiology Basics - Miscrobiologyy

Microbiotic - Biology Animations

Daniel Miller - Biochemistry

Troy Milliken - Chemistry (numbered lecture series)

Mitedustar - Genetics

*MIT Open Courseware - Many full lecture series - Alternate URL

Mnemoic Master - Microbiology, Pharmacology

MoleClues - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Molecular Biology Explained - Biochemistry, Genetics

Moof University - Biochemistry

Moore Chemistry

Jeffrey Moore - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Genetics

MPN Organic - Chemistry (includes lab techniques)

Mr. Causey's Video Chemistry - Chemistry, Mathematics

Mr D Bio CFC - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemisty, Ecology, Genetics

Mr. Grodski Chemistry - Chemistry

MrsBPiscitelli - Chemistry (includes numbered series of lessons)

Mrs Julian Chem - Chemistry

Ms Cooper's IGCSE Cambridge Biology - Biology

mtchemers - Chemistry

Rehan Muhanned - Biochemistry

Aaron Mullally - Anatomy & Physiology

John Munro - Biology

My A Level Biology - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

MyCMTS CCI - Biology, Chemistry

My GCSE Science

Bob Myers - Anatomy & Physiology


Dr. Najeeb Lectures - Medicine

NanoBio Node

Nano Hub Talks - Chemistry, Nano, Physics - Also has a Web Site

That Nanoscience Guy - Crystalography

nassaucosta - Anatomy & Physiology

National Center for Biotechnology Information - DNA, RNA, and protein sequence databases and ducational materials, including tutorials for using their website.

National Institutes of Health

Nature - Biology / Medical Animations

Nature Video

NDSU Virtual Cell

Maryellen Nerz-Strormes - Chemistry

The New Boston - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Programming (includes numbered series)

New England Biolabs - Biotechnology

Todd Nickle - Genetics


Nikolay's Genetics Lessons - Genetics

Roger Nixon - Chemistry

NJC Biology


NPTEL - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Nucleus Medical Media

NurdRage - DIY Chemistry


O Chem Prep - Chemistry

O Chemistree - Chemistry

OnkoView - Biochemistry (cancer mechanisms)

Open Michigan / University Of Michigan - Mathematics, Medicine

Oregon State University - Chemistry (use search box)

Oregon State University Chemistry -

William Orfanos - Biochemistry Animations

* The Organic Chemistry Tutor - Chemistry (general and organic), Mathematics, Physics. Also has a web site.

Josh Osbourne - Chemistry (includes series on IR spectroscopy)

Kenneth Overly - Chemistry

Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press)

Oxford Biomedical Research Centre - Various topics


Dr. Anil Palve Academy - Chemistry

Walt Pasciak - Nuclear Physics

Noel Pauller - Chemistry

Mark Pallen - Biology, Genetics, Microbiology - (Long Form Lectures)

Pharmapedia - Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology

Penguin Prof Channel - Biology

Periodic Videos

Greg Petersen - Biochemistry

Dr Physics A -

The Posit Society -

Michael Post - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

Dr. G. Bhanu Prakash - Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology

Prep 4 Step - Medicine

Owen Priest - Chemistry (analytical course series)

Dr. Prodigious - Medicine

Prof Amman - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics (Includes some short-form and some long-form lectures)

Professor Dave Explains - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (including numbered short-form lessons)

Professor Fink - Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry

Prof Rob Bob - Mathematics

ProfessorAbud - Chemistry

Professor Heath's Chemistry Channel

Pro Joe Biochem - Biochemistry (including numbered series)

Promega Corporation - Biochemistry, Genetics

Proneural - Biology

Protein Lounge - Biochemistry animations

Protocol Exchange - Biochemistry, Biology (includes lab techniques)


Queen Nerdling - Many topics


Anu Radha - Medicine

Jasmine Rana - Biochemistry

Rapid Learning Center - Many Topics

Ratliff Chemistry - Chemistry (includes numbered series of full-length lectures)

Najem Rayes - Biochemistry, Biology animations


Reactions / Everyday Chemistry - ACS

David Read - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

remyfl - Biology (mostly short animations)

Respect Chemistry

Ricochet Science

Guy Riefler - Fluid Mechanics (numbered series)

Ajna Rivera - Genetics (includes numbered series)

Rockets General Bio

Room F 203 - Chemistry

Mark Rosengarten - Chemistry (includes numbered series)

Brandon Rosenstrauch - Anatomy, Biochemistry

The Royal Institution

The Royal Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

RSCteacherfellows - Chemistry Lab Techniques


Ahmed Sadek - Chemistry (Including full numbered lecture series on Instrumental Analysis)

The Salmonella Place - Medicine

Arthur Salomon - Biochemistry animations

Herbert Sauro - Genetics

Roger Sauterer - Biochemistry (includes full-length lectures)

Craig Savage - Biology, Botany, Genetics

SBs Tutoring Videos - Biochemistry

SciCookX - Chemistry of Food

The Science Channel - Astronomy

The Science Classroom - Chemistry, Physics

Science Post - Chemistry, Physics

Sci Show

Science Prof Online - Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology

Sci Vis Lab - Chemistry, Microbiology (Including lab techniques)

The School Of Life - Philosphy

Ken Scognamiglio

Steve Schneid - Biochemistry

Scyther - Biochemistry, Genetics, Virology

Steve Seddon - Biochemistry, Genetics

SERVA - Biochemistry (manufacturer of electrophoresis equipment, dicussing lab techniques)

The Shelly Learned - Biology, Genetics

Mr. Simple Science

Simple Science Answers - Biochemistry and Physiology

Jack Slater - Biochemistry, Genetics

SMH Chemistry - Chemistry (analytical, including numbered series)

Collen Smith - Biochemistry (a few lessons on lipid metabolism)

Mark Smith - Anatomy & Physiology (lecture series)

SoKan - Biology, Chemistry

Spowell306 - Chemistry

staceychemprof - Chemistry

Stanford University

Stan's Academy Of Chemistry

Kenneth Stedman - Genetics, Virology (Full length, numbered lecture series)

MP Stein - Cell Biology

Streaming Tutors - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Strong Medicine - Medicine, Microbiology

Chris Sullivan - Anatomy & Physiology (including numbered series)

Eileen Sullivan - Chemistry (including numbered series)

Super Chem Lady

Tony Swafford - Biology


Tafe Biology - Biology, Genetics, Mathematics

TalkBoard.Com.Au - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

TED - Miscellaneous

TED Education - Miscellaneous

TEDx - Miscellaneous

That Chem Guy - Chemistry

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Manufacturer of products for Biochemistry, Genetics

The Shelly Learned - Biology, Forensics, Genetics

ThinkwellVids - Chemistry, Mathematics

Richard Thornley - Chemistry

TMP Chem - Chemistry (Physical, Thermodynamics)

Kevin Tokoph - Biochemistry (including pathways)

Mr. Toporowski's Science Channel - Chemistry, Physics

Tox Cafe - Cellular Biology Animations

Patrick Tracy - Microbiology (includes lab techniques)

TRU Chem Online - Chemistry (includes lab techniques)


UC Berkeley

UC Davis Academics - Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Other topics

UC IrvineOCW

UCLA Physics

UF Teaching Center

U of L Physio - Physiology

UMN Organic Chemistry - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

UNB Chem 101 - Chemistry

University of California TV

University Of Rochester - Introductory Biochemistry Bio250H - Biochemistry

University of Texas at Austin - College of Natural Sciences - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

University of Toronto Scarborough

U of U Chemistry

University of Western Sydney / Mark Temple - Biology

Useful Genetics - Genetics (Full course lecture series from University of British Columbia)

USMLE Pass Program - Medicine

UVU Professor - Biology


Michal van Biezen - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Gerard Vargas - Cellular Biology

verachoe - Chemistry

Cynthia Vitale - Biology

VL Studios - Physiology

Lisa Volkening

N Volkmann - Chemistry

Volk Science - Chemistry



Kamal Wafi - Physics

Jason Walker - Biology, Ecology (includes number series of 20 minute lectures)

Walter + Eliza Hall Institute - Genetics, Medicine (full-length lectures on many topics)

Weizmann Institute of Science - Biology

weiner7000 - Chemistry

Simon Wells - Microbiology (includes lab techniques)

Katherine Welzenbach - Chemistry (calculations)

What A School - Pharmacolgy (numbered videos)

Chuck Wight - Chemistry

Winona State University - Biochem 405 - 408 (includes numbered series)

Andrew Wolf - Medicine, Pathophysiology, Physiology

Wolf Ex Sci Lahart - Biochemstry animations

Frank Wong / Orgo Made Easy - Organic Chemistry


Xerox2077 - Biochemistry animations

XVIVO Scientific Animation - Biology


Yale Courses -

Paul Young - Chemistry (Includes short general chemistry videos and a numbered series of full length lectures on organic)

You Chem Tutorials -

Other Videos


Academic Earth

Agilent Technologies - Biotechnology

AK Lectures

Alila Medical Media - Biology, Genetics

American Society for Cell Biology - Webinars


Bench Fly - Laboratory Protocols

Biology Animations - Biology

Bozeman Science

BrightStorm - Biology, Mathematics

Broad Institute - Genetics


Carolina - Lab Techniques

Chem Tube 3D



Division By Zero - Mathematics (lectures)

DNA Tube

Dr. Prodigious - Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology



Forum Network

Free Science Lectures - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Others


Get Chemistry Help - Chemistry

Glossary of Organic Chemistry


Harvard University Biovisions - Biology

Howard Hughs Medical Institute - Biology, Medicine



Insight Medical - Medicine (Registration is free)




* Khan Academy - Many Topics

Trevor Kitson's ShowMe Videos - Chemistry

John Kyrk - Cell Biology Animation


Learn Chem E - Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamics

Learn Out Loud - Many Topics

Learners TV - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, others (includes numbered series of full-length lectures)

The Medical Biochemistry Page

Microbiology Animations

Micro E Guide - Microbiology Lab Skills

Microscopy U - Microscopy

Molecular Movies - Animations


National Institutes of Health

New England BioLabs - Biotechnology

New York University - Open courses, including full length lectures


Open Culture

Organometallic HyperTextBook - Chemistry


Periodic Videos - Chemistry

PHG Foundation - Genetics (interactive tutorials)

Physics-Animations.Com - Physics

Protein Lounge - Biochemistry animations






SciVee - Misc.

Shomu's Biology


Summana's - Molecular Biology animations

Study.Com - Biology, Microbiology, and others - requires paid subscription


TEDMED - Many subjects


UC Berkeley - Archive.Org Section

UC Berkeley - EdX Section

Udemy - Many Subjects (includes numbered series) Requires payment.

UltraSlo - Slow-motion videos, including on science topics.

University of California TV

Untamed Science - Biology, Chemistry


VCU - Secrets Of The Sequence - Genetics

Virtual Amrita Laboratories - Universalising Eduction - Biotechniology (including Lab Techniques)

Vimeo - Many topics (similar to YouTube)

Virtual Cell Animation Collection - Cellular Biology


Walter + Eliza Hall Institute - Genetics, Medicine

Web Of Stories - Biographical Interviews with scientists


XVIVO Scientific Animation

Yovisto - Academic Video Search - Many topics

Reference Web Sites & Tools

0 - 9

0Calc - Scientific Calculator


Admitsee - Advice on applying for admission to carious universities

ATDBio - eBook on chemistry and structure of nucleic acids

AlgaeBase - Algae

Alonso Formula - Inorganic chemistry exercises (secondary school level)


Atlas of Macromolecules - Biochemistry


Avagodro - "Molecular Editor And Visualiser"

B - Biochemistry Blog

Biochemistry Den - Lab Techniques

Bio Compare - Biotechnology

Biochemistry For Medics - eBook

Biodiversity Heritage Library - Biology, Microbiology

Biology Forums -Biology

Biology Junction (includes Class Notes) - Biology

Biology Pictures - Biology, Microbiology

The Biology Project / University of Arizona - Biochemistry, Biology - Extensive learning guide - Various JMol and JSmol presentations (Best with Firefox browser)

Biomolecules Tutorials - University of Wisconsin - Biochemistry

BioTechniques - Molecular Biology Discussion Forum

BioWiki - UC Davis.

Bite Size Bio - Biology News, Lab Techniques

Book Boon - Free open-source textbooks

Boomer - Pharmacology

Boundless - Biochemistry, Chemistry (includes e-textbook)


Cell Image Library -

Wendy Chao - Laboratory Protocols

Chem Apps - Allows insertion of Jmol model into other Web pages

Chem Buddy (Calculations)

Chem Collective - Chemistry

Chem Ad DL / Chemical Education Digital Library -

ChemFestia - Chemistry (includes study worksheets)

ChemGaPedia - Biochemistry, Chemistry - Owned by Wiley

Chem Guide

Chem Helper - Chemistry

ChemicalAid - Calculators and data sheets for each element

ChemicalBook - Supplier with data sheets for products

Chemical Forums - Chemistry

Chemicool - Periodic table with element data

Chemistry For Biologists - Biochemistry (section on RSC.Org)

Chemistry Of Life - Biochemistry, Genetics

Chemistry Views - Chemistry

Chemistry News - Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Chem Jobber - Blog about chemistry job maket

ChemSpider - Chemical structures database. Administered by the Royal Societ Of Chemistry

Chem Sub Online - Database of chemical structures

Chem Team

Chem Teach - University Of Canterbury

Chem Toddler - Chemistry


Chem Wiki - UC Davis

Chiral Publishing - Chemistry (inlcuding downloadable eBook)

CK12 - Various subjects. Includes some material suitable for primary and secondary levels.

Bevery Clendening / Hofstra University - Molecular biology lab protocols

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Coranti - In The Pipeline - Chemistry blog

Crystal Maker Software - Offers a free viewer and library of crystal structures, including proteins.


Davidson College - Genomics (including biocheistry lab techniques)

Descriptions of Plant Viruses - Botany, Microbiology

DigiSchool - Many subjects (also here)

Direct Textbook - Price comparison search engine.

DNA Learning Center - Genetics - Run by cold Spring horbor Laboratory. Also features DNA Interactive and DNA From The Beginning.

Doc Brown - Chemistry Calulations

The Dose Makes The Poison - Toxicology Blog

Dr. Fungus - Mycology


E. Coli Wiki - E. Coli

Ed Informatics Interactive Library

E Lab Protocols - Biochemistry, Biotechnology (includes lab techniques)

Electro Analytical Chemistry - Michigan State U lecture slides

Encor Biotechnology - Lab protocols

Encyclopedia.Com -

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences - Part of the Wiley Online Library

Essential Thermodynamics For (Bio)Chemists - SPOOC / eBook / Lectures / Slides

Explaining Maths - Mathematics (also has a YouTube channel)


Free Book Centre - Searchable database of online ebooks, many is PDF format, on many topics


Gene Cards - Human Gene Database

Gene Ed - Genetics (section on

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News -

Gene Quantification - Genetics


Hypertexts For Biomedical Sciences - (Colorado State University) - Biochemistry, Genetics, Pathophysiology


Images Of Elements - Chemistry

Inner Body

Introduction To Chemistry - General, Organic, And Biological - Ball, Hill & Scott


JRank Secience Encyclopedia - Many topics


Kent Chemistry

Kimball's Biology Pages - Alternate URLs here and here. - Biology, Genetics

Knowledge Door - Virtual periodic table.


Labome - Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Microbiology (includes laboratory methods and materials)

Leah4Sci - Organic Chemistry

LIFE - Leading International Fungal Education - Microbiology


Macs In Chemistry - Oriented to chemistry software for Apple Macintosh computers

Major Differences - Biology, Botany, Chemistry

Manuals Directory - Copies of user's manuals for various equipment.

Master Organic Chemistry - Chemistry Blog (with reaction mechanisms)

Math Skills Review - Chemistry, Mathematics

MBI - MechanoBiology Institute of Singapore - Cell Biology (also has a YouTube Channel)

Med Chem Blog - Chemistry, Lab Techniques

MedLine Plus Medical Encyclopedia -

The Medical Biochemistry Page -

Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) - Many Topics

Method Book - Lab Techniques

MHChem - Mount Hood Community College - (Full course materials)

Microbe Library (American Society for Microbiology) - Microbiology (includes lab protocols)

Microbe Online - Medical Microbiology

Microbe Wiki

Microbe World - Microbiology

Microbial World - University of Edinburgh - Mycoology

The Microbial World - University of Wisconsin

Microbiology and Immunology On-line - University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Microbiology Online - Society for General Microbiology - Microbiology

MicroBugz - Austin Community College - Microbiology course matierials

Microscopy U -

Molecular Info - Biochemistry, Genetics (inludes ("Methods and Techniques" section)

* MolView - Web-based molecular drawing tool. Allows you to draw 2-dimensional structures and convert to a rotatable3-D representation.

MoleViz / U Mass DNA / RasMol / Proteo /Biochemistry (Interactive Visualisations, Jmol, JSmol)

MOOC List - Search engine. Many topics.

Mycology Online - University of Adelaide - Microbiology

Mycotopea - Mycology forum, including foraging

MykoWeb - Mushrooms And Other Fungi


National Science Digital Library - Many topics

NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information - Biotechnology (US NIH)

New Brunswick Museum - Mycology Pages - Mycology


OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man - Genetics

Open Course Library - Many topics

Open Learn - The Open University - Many topics.

Open Library - Includes free lending of ebooks on many topics.

Open Michigan - University of Michigan - OpenCourseWare type resources - Many topics.

OpenStax - Free textbooks compiled by Rice University. Also has a section specifically for mathematics

OpenStax CNX - Free textbooks from Rice University. This is the Archive.Org mirror of the now-defunct project.

OpenStax College - Various learning materials on many topics

Open Wetware - Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics (wiki style)

Organic Chemistry Portal - Chemistry

Organic Synthesis - Chemistry

Orgo Made Easy - Chemistry

OU Open Education - Includes ebooks on biochemical lab techniques, thermodynamics, and statistics

Oxford Genetics - Molecular biology lab protocols


Periodic Table

Periodni / Eni Generalic - Periodic Table of the Elements, Calculators, and Printable Materials

Pharmacology 2000 - Pharmacology online textbook with test questions and some audio lectures

PhET Interactive Simulations

PHG Foundation - Interactive Tutorials - DNA Analysis


Protocol Online - Lab Techniques

Protocols Online - Lab Techniques

PTable - Chemistry

PubMed - Biomedical Literature

Purdue Chemistry Help - Chemistry


Rapid Tables - Mathematics

RCSB Protein Data Bank

RCSB PRotein Data Bank - PDB 101

Reactome - Pathways Database

Reaxis - Supplier of industrial chemicals
Reciprical Net - Crystalography Database

Reusch Virtual Textbook Of Organic Chemistry - Michican State University

Royal Society - Learn Chemistry - Chemistry


Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) - DNA Database

Sciblogs -

Science Notes - Printable periodic tables and other chemistry reference sheets

Science Prof Online - Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology (inlcudes virtual lecture courses)

Slide Share - Many Topics

SOS Math - Mathematics

Springer Protocols - Lab Techniques

Stack Exchange - Biology Forum

Stack Exchange - Chemistry Forum

Structural Biochemistry - Wiki Book

Study Blue - Many subjects. Enables generation of flashcards for phones.


Thermopedia - Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics

Todar's Textbook Of Bacteriology - Microbiology

Tree Of Life Web Project - Biology, Botany, Microbiology

Tufts OpenCourseWare - Many topics


UniProt - Biochemistry

Up To Date - Medicine (basic "Patient / Caregiver" information available for free)


Virology - Biology W3310.001 or W4310.001 at Columbia University - Full set of numbered lecture recordings and PDFs of slides (also available at Vincent Racaniello on YouTube)


Wabybuilder - Many subjects

Web MO - Computational chemistry interface

Web QC - Chemsitry

What-When-How - Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Many Others

WikiBooks - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Many other topics

WikiBooks - Principles Of Biochemistry -
WikiGenes - Biochemistry, Genetics

Wikipedia Category: Lab Techniques - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

WikiVersity - Many topics.

Wiley Online Library - Journals, etc.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram MathWorld - Mathematics

World Of Molecules

Universities and Professional Bodies


Add Gene - Nonprofit plasmid directory

Add Gene Tools, References, and Lab Protocols - Biochemistry, Genetics

AES Electrophoresis Society - Biochemistry (includes articles on lab protocols)

American Chemical Society

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology -

American Society for Cell Biology

American Society for Microbiology

Association of Applied Biologists - Biology

Association for Women in the Sciences - NZ


Biochemical Society Blog

BIOS 100 at University of Illinois at Chicago - Includes lecture materials and readings

Bio-Protection New Zealand -

Biotechnology Industry Organization -

British Toxicology Society


Centers for Disease Control - US Gov.

Chemical Abstracts Service
- A Division Of American Chemical Society

Chemical Heritage Foundation



edX - Many topics


Foothill College - Kathleen Armstrong, Chemistry - Includes lecture notes and slides




IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPAC - Gold Book - Compendium of Chemical Terminology

IUPAC Stereochemical Diagram Conventions


Janux - University of Oklahoma - (Also has a Youtube channel)



Let's Talk Chemistry - NZIC / Caterbury University - Ebook for first year students

LPSN - Database of prokaryote official species names - Microbiology


Massey University

Maurice Wilkins Centre

Microbial  Life Educational Resources - Carleton University - Microbiology

MIT Open Courseware


New Zealand Association of Scientists -

National Center for Biotechnology Information - DNA Databases and Educational Materials

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry -

New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science -

New Zealand Microbiol Ecology Consortium - Microbiology

New Zealand Microbiological Society

New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

NIH - US National Library of Medicine -


Open University - Many topics, includes free material.

Oregon State Open Textbooks - Biology, Ecology, Microbiology, Mathematics


Purdue Chemistry Department

Purdue University - Chemical Education Division


Queenstown Research Week -


Rosalind Franklin Society - Women in Science

Gareth J. Rowlands

The Royal Society - London

The Royal Society of Chemistry - Includes Learn Chemistry and SpectraSchool -
The Royal Society of New Zealand


Stanford Engineering Everywere - Many topics

Society for General Microbiology - Microbiogy

Student Council Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State University (Includes free book downloads)


Tox Town - Toxicology - NIH


University of Sydney - Biology Study Resources - Biology, Mycology

Utah State OpenCourseWare - Many topics.


Virtual Interactive Bacteriology Laboratory - Michigan State University - Microbiology


Wellington City Library - Downloadable eBooks,  Audio Books, and Databases

WISC-Online - Many subjects.





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