Memorial For Lilly

An Archive Of The Digital Footprint Of

Lillian Rose Marie Taylor

(a.k.a. Danielle Lily Donnelly)

10 August 1993 - 30 January 2019

Lilly with her cat, Jynx, aboard the boat in Auckland Harbour, where they lived for most of 2018.

In person, she was even more stunningly beautiful than this.

Lilly And Jynx
Facebook Remembering Lilly Marie. You need to be logged into your own FB account to view this.
Some photos taken by her.

A mirror of Lilly's now-deleted Twitter account from January 2018 until January 2019. Originally used the handle LillyMarieNZ, and then used STEAMnStilettos. Sorry, the links don't work, and I don't have any of the comments saved. If anyone has a copy with the comments, please let me know.

This contains what seems to be her final public photograph, with the usual cheerful surface. And later, her final public words.


Through 2018, Lilly cultivated a "science communicator" public persona. She wanted to encourage other people from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue education and work in science fields.

Curious Minds - Profile for the "Women In STEM" series.

Independent Herald - "Ex-Newlands Girl  On Global Initiative" (page 4).

NxtStep - Mirror of now-deleted interview. "Life As A Science Leader".

Spinoff - Piece by Laurie Winkless, about a school book supply project, in which Lilly was involved.

Stuff - "Antarctic voyage tinged with sadness after death of talented young Māori scientist".

Video Entry for the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards Posted to YouTube on 26 July 2016. Yes, she really was this cute in person.
Modeling Lilly loved a glamorous image. Had done a bridal fashion runway job in Canberra, and aspired to more work in this field. She liked the contrast with being a scientist.

Here are two mirrors of now-deleted modeling site profiles, with some lovely photos.


Star Now

Dominion Post - Also was published in the Manuwatu Standard.

Charlotte Istance-Tamblin's Poster - Prepared for the 2019 International Women’s Day event at the School of Chemistry, University of Manchester.

University Of Canterbury Chemistry Department Newsletter - With description by her supervisor, Rudi.

NZIC Newsletter - Reprint of text from UC.

Remembrance Pages - Yet another mirror. I don't know who had originally made this. 

For anyone wondering, Lilly does not not have any grave or resting place to visit.

She will always remain in the hearts of everyone who knew and cared for her.
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"I don't believe in the existance of angels,
But looking at you, I wonder if that's true.
If I did, I would summon them together,
And ask them to watch over you."

--("Into My Arms", by Nick Cave - The final song played at Lilly's funeral, possibly at her own request.)



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