Have you ever almost died?

Answered Jun 19

Yes. An especially memorable time was a motor vehicle accident in the early 1990s.

It was a combination of bad steering on the vehicle plus me driving within the legal limit, but actually too fast for the rain. Wobbled or spun across two lanes of traffic to my right, off the side of the motorway, down an embankment, and straight into a large tree. I was going about 80 kph (or 50 mph).

As I climbed out, I noticed a mattress and some beer bottles, indicating a homeless encampment right on the other side of that tree. Fortunately, there weren’t any bums present, but I suppose they also “almost died”, and were spared by being someplace else that day. If they had been there, they might have been saved by that tree, and would have their own “almost died” story.

My back hurt for a few weeks afterward, but no money and no insurance helps you to ignore things like that.

A couple of weeks after the crash, I got a bill in the mail from a towing company, which charged extra for the “difficult removal”, and implied that I might like to have the destroyed vehicle back.

That certainly wasn’t the only “almost died” moment.

I think that, “almost died” happens every day.

You might not even notice how you “almost” got squished by a bus, when crossing the street.

You might not even notice how you “almost” tripped and fell on that rough sidewalk, which could have caused a fatal head injury.

You might not even notice how you “almost” contracted a fatal poisoning from that food item that you decided not to eat, or that restaurant that you chose not to patronise.

You might not even notice how you “almost” died from a flatmate leaving a hot stove unattended.

You might not even notice how you “almost” had some medical problem, like the plaque on the inside of your arteries, waiting to give you a heart attack.

You might not even notice how you “almost” crossed paths with a violent person.

You might not even notice how you “almost” die every single day.

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