Why is there a disproportionate number of angry, aggressive lesbians?

Answered Jan 1, 2019

I think it’s economic. Both literally/financially, and also metaphorically/sexually.

One of the worst influences on girls and young women is the social message that, being female makes employment and financial responsibility optional. Don’t feel like working? Society will promise you a boyfriend or husband who has been trained to pay for your attention/presence.

Many many girls grow up with that adult model. They see their mother enjoying a nice, middle class life, without having to maintain a job.

This message leads to a massive sense of entitlement for many, many women.

Then, they become young adults, and figure out that they don’t find those breadwinning men to be attractive, or even acceptable.

Their desired sex partner pool is other women, who also feel entitled to avoid employment or financial responsibility. And who certainly haven’t been trained to pay a partner just to exist.

Those angry lesbians are partly motivated by a desperate sense of victimisation, merely because of the basic adult responsibility to work and support themselves.

This is obvious when you meet lesbians, and the first priority is to confirm that you are at the bottom-of-the-barrel financially. You had better be stuck at a minimum wage, 40 hours per week, no-skill, no-status job, living paycheque-to-paycheque.

Although, to be fair, this is the pervasive attitude among straight women, as well.

The second angle is about supply and demand, which has two sub-issues.

Homosexual women – especially single, available, attractive, sane, functioning adult homosexual women – are a tiny minority. And the really immature, entitled types look around at all of those masses of conventionally attractive, conventionally feminine women who are straight, and totally not available. And they feel frustrated and victimised.

The LGBTWhatever so-called “community” is very small in most places, and very clique-ish, and very competitive. Which leads to a scarcity mentality, where people get desperate, and frightened of never finding a partner.

The other sub-issue is about approaching vs. accepting/rejecting. Girls are trained to view sexual relationships as a deal where a woman puts herself on display, and then a man approaches/propositions, and then the women decides yes or no. This leads to tension, fear, and frustration among women, since nobody has been trained to approach and risk rejection.

A third angle is that, some lesbians feel absolutely miserable about being female. And blame this simple physical state for all of their social and personal dissatisfaction in life.

Lastly, there is the general principle that, regardless of orientation, romance, friendship, social, educational, or work contexts, most women basically hate each other.

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