What if a Quoran has a crush on you?

Answered Jan 6, 2019

I would tell them to take a number, and get in line.

I follow the subject of crushes, generally, here on Quora. So I know that, a crush can happen at any time, towards anyone.

Also, the person with the crush will interpret any attention (or even vague possibility of attention) as validating the crush.

She is a random neighbour/classmate/coworker/acquaintance/waitress, and she looked in your direction? Crush-Validation.

It’s that same way here on Quora.

That “Notifications” tab lights up, telling me that, another Quoran is now following me? They obviously have a crush on me.

Somebody posts a Comment to one of my answers here? They obviously have a crush on me.

Somebody posts a Comment to one of my answers here, and tells me that I am FOS, and don’t know what I am talking about? That is just them feeling confused, and rebelling against their crush.

Somebody Upvotes one of my posts? That indicates an obvious crush.

Somebody clicks through to my Quora profile, and then clicks through to my personal blog? There’s a crush right there.

So many, many Quorans have crushes on me.

Can I use “fairness”? And either select the best crusher, or just reject them all equally?

There are so, soooooo many Quorans with crushes on me. I feel rather guilty, like they think I am leading them on, with each one of my posts.

Like many thousands of others, my Quora crush is on Frances Meredith. And I know that someday, she will reciprocate. Because she once Upvoted a Comment that I made to one of her posts. Because that’s how crushes work.

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