Can emetophobes work in healthcare?

Answered Jun 28, 2019

“Healthcare” is a wide field of job descriptions.

However, if you mean direct care of patients who are either hospitalised or in long-term-care facilities, then you will need to deal with the full range of bodily fluids.

That includes their vomit. Including you having to clean it up. Including them suddenly spraying at or on you.

It also includes suppressing your own urge to vomit. Such as during frequent close encounters with their vomit, their faeces, and their various other fluids, smells, and sights. And yes, some of it will eventually end up on your clothing, and on your bare skin.

Preferably, it also includes being kind, compassionate, and reassuring to them, in those moments when they may feel so humiliated and embarrassed.

Regardless of one’s aspirations, the hard reality is that, if you aren’t prepared to deal with disgusting bodily fluids, then you aren’t prepared to physically care for sick people.

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