How do I tell my parents that I know they put a camera in my room?

Updated Aug 17, 2019

It sounds like you are probably a teenager.

What to do depends on if you are a teenage boy or a teenage girl.

In either case, do not actually say anything to them about it. And, when doing the following, do not look directly at the camera. Just pretend that you don’t even know it is there.

If you are a boy, make separate, A4 size printouts of photographs of each of your parent’s faces. Sit down in a chair, so that you are facing the camera, fairly close. Look at one of the photos, and hold it up, so that it is visible to the camera for a few moments, and they can see it is their own photo. On different occasions, alternate between using either your mother’s or your father’s photo.

Then (while holding the photo in one hand and looking at it), undo your pants, and start masturbating. Keep going until you you spooge right onto the camera lens.

If you are a girl, go into the bathroom, or somewhere outside of camera view. Take a wide felt-tip pen, and write “Mom” on your left buttock, and “Dad” on your right buttock, in large letters. Then get dressed again, with a very short skirt, but no underwear.

Then, go back to your room, put on some cheerful music, and start cheerfully dancing around.

Get right in front of the camera, turn with your back to it, bend over, and start twerking. So that your short skirt flips up, and they can see the, “Mom” and “Dad” written across your buttocks. Make sure they can see everything.

After whichever activity you choose, just relax, and go back to regular, boring activities (studying, sleeping, etc) that you normally do in your bedroom.

Do this routine at least once per week, on a continuing basis, at random intervals, so they never know when it will happen.

There is nothing lewd or disrespectful about any of this, because you will be doing it in the privacy of your own room. Where you can reasonably expect that nobody would observe you.

Again, do not directly mention it to them. Whenever you see and talk with them, just act completely normal and innocent.

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