What would you say to death if you met it?

Answered Jul 25, 2019

Flippant answer:

“If you’re looking for Victoria, she isn’t here. Try some other location”.

Slightly serious answer:

Me: “Hi, Death. How’s it going?”

Death “You’re the one who’s going”.

Me: “What’s up?”

Death: “Are you being deliberately obtuse, to drag out this process? Time is up. Yours.”

Me: “Bummer”.

Death: “You aren’t as surprised as a lot people who meet me”.

Me: “I was expecting you eventually”.

Death: “Most people don’t seem to expect me. They are actually surprised to find out that I am real. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”.

Me: “If I go quietly, without a fight… Can we visit a few acquaintances of mine on the way? Surprises are fun.”

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