What are some ways to end child abuse?

Answered Dec 26, 1019

I will list individual methods, and then general methods.


  • Turn eighteen years old, and walk right on out the door. And zero further in-person interactions with the abuser. Or better yet, no interactions of any kind.
  • Some abusers will continue after the “child” is of legal age, so it becomes adult abuse. The sense of entitlement never stops.
  • The child becomes old enough to notify police, child protective services, schoolteachers, doctors, etc. Although some do so, and still don’t receive help.
  • The child becomes physically larger and stronger than the abuser. Either actually defending themselves, or at least putting the abuser in fear. That is all some people comprehend.
  • In a two-parent family, the other parent needs to stop looking the other way, and protect their children. The same applies to other relatives.
  • A neighbour can call police or child protection agency. Although this doesn’t guarantee anything will be done.


  • Sex education. Teach teenagers (starting from maybe age twelve) how babies are made. And how to avoid making them. Include discussion of the heavy consequences of having unplanned children.
  • Teach teenagers (starting from maybe age twelve) that, they should NOT have dating/partner relationships with abusers. Many children are abused by baby-daddies, stepfathers, or random guys that the mother allows into the home. Many abusive relationshits result in unplanned children.
  • Contraception. Either single-use, long-term, or permanent. Universally available. With sliding scale cost, down to free. If the person is on welfare, offer them a payment to get an implant or sterilisation.
  • Stop the societal assumption and pressure that everyone “must” have children.
  • School monitoring could improve. Start with a default assumption that, any random child IS being abused.
  • All child emergency department presentations should have strong focus on abuse. Did she really fall down the stairs, or was her mother beating her?
  • A big, big issue is to stop the pervasive denial that, mothers are magically sweet and innocent. Maternal abuse and neglect is actually the biggest problem. Stop with the idea that “mommy” is pure and innocent. This would require females to cut their own umbilical cord to their mothers.
  • Monitoring of reported abusers. There are mothers who have already had their children taken away, and the pop out another one, to abuse.
  • Monitoring of home-schooling. This is an efficient way to isolate children, and get away with abuse.
  • Stop blaming child abuse survivors, and treating them like liars, or like they provoked the abuse.
  • Stop minimising abuse. And stop with the plausible deniability that, a parent hitting a child is just good loving discipline for bad behaviour by the child.
  • A large-scale comparison of how, a man punching his wife in the face is horrible, but a woman punching her child is somehow acceptable.
  • If you don’t want your children taken away, then quit beating your children.

None of these general points will ever happen.

And child abuse will continue. And the denial, and victim-blaming, and mommy-worship, will continue.

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