How do parents unintentionally teach their children that the child’s consent doesn’t matter, so much so they carry it into adulthood?

Answered Jan 1, 2020

The problem with this question is the word, “unintentionally”.

In reality, it is deliberate. Including the deliberate effort to have this continue into adulthood.

Also, nearly the entirety of the female half of society also refuses to respect consent by offspring vis-a-vis their mother. Yes, this a very female-biased issue.

When a parent dictates to a child, it is backed up by either physical force/violence, or the threat thereof. Consent doesn’t matter when someone is twice your size, and can beat you into submission if you resist. While society thinks that is a perfectly acceptable way of establishing compliance.

No matter how you are being treated, you don’t get to just walk out. Because society views you as the property of your parents, and you are not equipped to financially support yourself.

Then, when you are a legal adult, and self-supporting, parents still think they can dictate to you. They have become addicted to this authority, and established their sense of entitlement.

Also as a legal adult, nearly the entirety of the female half of society will treat as still being beholden to your mother.

For example, you will be told that you “have to” physically live in close proximity to mommy’s house, and physically visit her on a frequent basis. This mentality and command is pervasive among (alleged) adult women. And will be spewed at you by random women whom you have just met, and who realise that you have, at some point, geographically relocated.

Another major point of consent is whether you have any children of your own. Every woman who has had unplanned/unwanted children feels entitled to dictate that everyone must have them. Thereby recycling the disrespect for consent.

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