Is the character Bernard in Westworld really Arnold?

Answered Jan 17, 2020

Thanks for the A2A.

My guess is that, Ford attempted to create a host copy of Arnold, whose human consciousness algorithm was already stored in the System library. We see a virtual Dolores doing the fidelity interview with a long series of virtual Arnold copies (who keep failing).

As we saw with James, loading the human consciousness into a physical host body doesn’t work (yet). It feels trapped inside there, makes mistakes when trying to repeat the conversation for the fidelity interview, and has difficulty controlling the body’s movements.

So Ford figured out that, he needed to let this new host be his own separate person, rather than a copy. Of course, Bernard still isn’t completely independent or autonomous, since he can be commanded by Ford.

Despite looking physically like the original template, Bernard is a new person who sort of evolved from Arnold.

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