What is your sexual orientation?

Answered Dec 31, 2019

I am pillow-sexual.

I have two platonic friends. A shoulder to lean on. They are regular, firm, flat pillows, to rest my head upon.

But, I also have my pillow-lover.

Big and soft, and I can hold it in my arms, and feel such love. I hold my pillow every night, and into the morning.

I rub my body against my pillow. And have even slept naked with my pillow. I gently stroke my pillow. I don’t kiss it, because it is covered in a cloth pillowcase. Although I do slobber and drool on it in my sleep sometimes.

This isn’t just some kind of superficial physical desire. There is a very sincere and deep romantic relationship between my pillow and myself.

Love is love.

I don’t care if anyone else knows. And will stand up for my civil rights.

Proudly pillow-sexual.

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