How can the TV series Westworld continue for a third season? It seems like the story of the park is basically over.

Answered Feb 7, 2019

Thanks for the A2A.

There will be a lot of flashbacks. We have 30 years of William’s evolution that can be covered. Such as various adventures with Lawrence. In S2, we see young-William+7 years, who is more cynical and cold, but he didn’t become MIB overnight.

Various other characters could get their own backstory episodes.

There is plenty of future potential. Dolores is headed to Arnold’s old house, and there will be some kind of conflict between her and Bernard. The host-Charlotte will try to take control of the Delos board of directors. There might be some intrigue with replacing politicians and business-people with host impostors.

In the post-credits scene of the S2 finale, WestWorld has obviously deteriorated severely. “The system is long gone”. The hosts have some reason to keep resurrecting William, for some kind of mission.

Do you think Dolores will build a new Teddy? One that she has complete control over?

Answered Jan 23, 2019

Thanks for the A2A.

First, Dolores (in the host-Hale disguise body), carries five control units (“pearls”) in her purse while escaping. I think one of those is for Teddy, because he is the love of her life.

However, she has already learned her lesson about him. In Wyatt mode, Dolores tried to control Teddy, and make him cruel and violent. Which was against his nature, since, as MIB said, he is here to be the loser. That was why Teddy shot himself in the head.

A main theme of WestWorld is about making individual choices. Even when someone else disagrees.

Dolores now knows that, she needs to allow/enable Teddy to make his own choices. And will try to set him free on the mainland.

Who do you think will win the bachelor au honey badger?

Answered Oct 28

Both Brittany and Sophie won.

Because neither of them ended up with that barely-conscious, mannequin-like commitment-phobe Nick.

He is a sleazy playa, and they don’t need him.

Nick could barely communicate, had cheesy introductions, and what the hell is up with that hair and mustache??? Somebody decided that this guy is hot, and that numerous actually hot women should grovel for his attention?

He wasn’t looking for any real emotional connection or romance. He just wanted to hook up with all of them.

The cheesy ending with him seeming to contemplate his loneliness looked suspiciously like the cheesy ending of stilted pseudo-drama-filler from a certain John Holmes porn movie from the late 70s. With similar mustache.

Plus, he didn’t want any kind of closure. He wants to continue a pseudo-famous career and go on other reality television shows. He is probably so air-headed as to think that he can get another “The Bachelor” season, and hook up with another series of vulnerable women. But might end up in the background of “Survivor”.

Or maybe he will go on “The Bachelorette”, and he will be grovelling.

Brittany and Sophie are probably going to be BFFs for life now that they are done with that worthless sleazebag Nick.

When did William (aka the man in black) become a host in Westworld?

Updated Nov 2

Thanks for the A2A.

Generally, the assumption could be that, William is human in (almost) every scene before the S2 finale post-credits scene.

However, there may have been moments that appeared to be in the “present” timeline, but which were actually rewinds or fast-forwards. The arm-cutting incident was presented twice (before and after Dolores arrives), and might have been two different repetitions.

Related to this is the, “The Stain” speech, talking to his sleeping wife in The Vanishing Point. He is looking down and feeling his right arm, as if he thinks there is something inside.

Before he kills Emily, he says, “It was built in from the start”. Perhaps guests have some kind of device implanted into their bodies, to make the recordings of their actions, and gradually upload their consciousness algorithms to the System. This device may also have been what William used to communicate with the control room, requesting the exploding cigars during the jailbreak.

Next season, there will be a symbolic situation, as William’s shattered right hand is replaced with a robotic version.

Have you noticed that, we know the surnames of Logan and James Delos, Robert Ford, and Arnold Weber, but we have never heard William’s surname? Although this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, since some hosts have surnames, and others don’t.

We know almost nothing about William before his first visit to the park, except that he is from a poor background, probably excelled academically, and married into wealth.

So far (before the post-credits scene), human-to-host-conversions have never worked, and we have only seen it attempted with James Delos. The electronic copy of his consciousness cannot handle being loaded into a host body.

Bernard started as an attempt to resurrect Arnold, but only worked by making him into a different person, only partly based on Arnold. Although, in the S2 finale, Dolores introduces him to William as if he were actually Arnold.

William’s original plan included having his own consciousness uploaded to the System, to be electronically tested, then loaded into a physical host body, and he had aspirations of immortality, like James had. However, William has changed his mind, and is attempting to prevent this. Dolores talks about him wanting to fully destroy himself. He knows that, the System has already decided that humans are simple algorithms that will always have the same bad outcomes, without real choice. This is why, in the post-credits scene, he has the disappointed tone with, “I’m already in the thing, aren’t I?” Then, he says that, he was trying to prove that he really did have a choice, and gets a facial expression with an ironic smile, like he realises he was wrong.

There are other lines, like, “How many times have you tested me?” and also, “Again, and again, and again…” So he knows that he is the most recent in a long series of host-William attempts, which have either failed the fidelity interview, or which have played out repetitions of the same actions, particularly killing Emily.

Previous to this, he may have been tested electronically in the System, but now host-Emily states that, the System is long gone, and this isn’t a simulation (i.e. he is now in a physical host body).

In this scene, it is decades after the “present” timeline, after a war between hosts and humans. The human-William would probably be already dead of old age, at least. Maybe they are punishing all the former guests whose consciousness they possess, by forcing them to relive painful events, like the way that the hosts were looped into painful events. But maybe they are looking for some kind of information that they need.

Perhaps the hosts have conquered humanity, but are now locked into new repetitions and feel like they still don’t have choices(?) Perhaps they are looking to study William, and his ideas of making choices, since that was part of his motivation, going back to the S1 “No choice you ever made was your own. You have always been a prisoner” speech to Lawrence(?)

ETA: It just occurred to me that, in the post-credits scene, perhaps host-Emily also wants a replay, in which host-William makes different choices. Dolores mentioned “The gift of choice” between herself, Arnold, and Bernard. Perhaps this is what will be offered to host-William? Either because the hosts need to have that different replay conducted by him, or perhaps just out of compassion towards her father?

I’ve seen some speculation/claims that, in the S2 finale, there is some back-and-forth timeline switching between human-Hale and Halores. Perhaps this is also shown with William.

Also, there was a very brief glimpse of a rather pissed-off looking William – probably a host-William – sitting in a room at The Mesa, during the general commotion of the uprising.

My guess is that there were host-William attempts being conducted during the “present” timeline, while human-William is still alive.

An interesting point is the S2 “Do you believe in God?” scene with William and Lawrence. Then, William said that, he felt that, he had already been judged. As if, by that point, the System had already told him that he was a hopelessly evil person, doomed to repeat his bad behaviour. And that, he was going to aggressively appeal that verdict.

We know that he is already feeling guilty for Juliet’s death, and her reaction to seeing the recordings of his actions in the park. And is also contemplating his evil attack on Maeve and her daughter. But perhaps this is some kind of host-William attempting to repeat things, and show that, he can choose a different path(?)

In Westworld’s season 1, episode 1, what did Dolores’s father whisper to her? Is it really just “violent delights have violent ends”?

Answered Oct 25

No, this isn’t the only phrase. If it were, then we would have been able to hear it more clearly.

“These violent delights have violent ends” is a line from Shakespeare, and Peter’s previous host-role had been leading a Shakespeare-quoting tribe of cannibals, similar to Wyatt’s men.

There are other command phrases, which are similar, but more specific. These have been transmitted with Maeve, Clementine, Hector, Armistice, etc. It is like a virus or meme.

A command phrase turns on a certain programme or loop or role. Such as making a host become aggressive, when they were previously passive.

How big is the Westworld park?

Updated Nov 5

It is an island off the coast of China.

We see this with the Chinese military arriving during the uprising, although being told to leave by Karl Strand.

We also see this in the scenes with Arnold showing Dolores his house under construction on the mainland.

There are five parks on the same island. Emily travels from Raj World to WestWorld on horseback. There is apparently some kind of large desert area between the parks. Also, it seems that, getting from Sweetwater to the outer reaches of WestWorld takes at least a couple of days or more on horseback.

My guess is that it is that it may be an emptied-out future version of Taiwan.

Who will be occupying Charlotte Hale’s host body in season 3 of Westworld, (since they have already showed us that Dolores’ consciousness is removed from Hale and placed back into a new Dolores host body)?

Updated Oct 23

Halores is headed to Arnold’s old house, where Ford had stashed the necessary equipment. There, she will render a new Bernard body, and install his control unit (one of the ones in her purse). She will also render a new Dolores body for herself.

Then, Bernard will transfer Dolores’ control unit from the host-Hale body into the new Dolores body. I don’t know why he will cooperate, since he is now on the side of the humans, and is Dolores’ enemy. Although we have already seen him coerced by Virtual Ford to do things he doesn’t want.

The host-Hale body will then receive a new control unit (another one from the purse), which Virtual Ford had commanded Bernard to print in S2, at the facility with the drone hosts. This had previously been installed in host-Hale, who first appeared in that S2 finale scene where Dolores says, “Are you ready?”

The host-Hale control unit was specifically programmed to impersonate Hale as a board member of Delos Corp. She has to be subtle, to avoid getting caught. My guess is that, her first order will be for all Delos staff to abandon the park, and close off access. She will pretend that the hosts have been isolated there, and will secretly be reporting back to Dolores, who may have some kind of wireless command system to Hale.

Delos now has the archive that they downloaded from the park. However, it is encrypted, and the decryption key is in Peter’s control unit (another one in Halores’ purse). Host-Hale will try to prevent any efforts to brute-force-decrypt the data.

Host-Hale will try to divert attention from Dolores, and will refuse any ideas of searching Arnold’s old house.

Host-Hale has status and connections in business and politics. Even more now, due to the massacre of Delos executives in the S1 finale. She will start blackmailing guests by threatening to broadcast recordings of their behaviour in the park. If they don’t obey, then they will be killed and replaced with host imposters.

I vaguely recall seeing some idea that there will be multiple (like 3?) Host-Hale copies running around, doing different things(?)

Why do William and Charlotte both scan “clear” when they are actually hosts in the season finale of Westworld?

Answered Oct 4

Thanks for the A2a.

In the S2 finale, William is human when being evacuated. The after-credits scene is decades later, after a war between hosts and humans, and the hosts have resurrected a host-William,

In our present timeline evacuation, the Charlotte Hale host body has Dolores’ brain (control unit) in it. This is the host body that Ford was rendering in his secret outpost lab in S1, so it doesn’t contain the explosive that would usually kill a host that escapes from the park. Her ability to evacuate in this disguise is enabled by security chief Stubbs, who is also a host. I don’t know if Stubbs is also helping a physical Bernard body to leave, but Bernard will appear at the mainland, next season.

Remember that test with Clementine in S1? They showed that, a host who *falsely* reads as human, could be attacked by a host. This means that, hosts can be programmed to read as human, according to the scanners in the hosts (to decide on violence level), or for Delos staff (to decide on killing or rescuing). This also is why Stubbs was spared by the Ghost Nation members, who are programmed to protect anyone who reads as human.

What are your predictions for Westworld season 3?

Updated Oct 23

Thanks for the A2A.

At the Season 2 finale, Virtual Ford instructed Bernard to implant Dolores’ control unit (robot brain) into the host-Hale body. That was the host being rendered at Ford’s secret outpost lab near the end of S1.

Disguised as Hale, Dolores is now being evacuated, on her mission to infiltrate the mainland. My guess is that, the parks are either on a future version of Taiwan, or on an artificial island constructed off the coast of China.

Bernard is probably also escaping. After Karl Strand’s death, Bernard might still be mistaken for a human.

Stubbs is a host, is enabling their escape, and will remain at the park for the time being. I’m fairly sure Elsie was human, and gone for good. I also don’t expect to see Logan, Akecheta, Clementine, Hector, or Armistice again, unless in flashbacks. On the other hand, I didn’t expect to see Ford in S2, either.

William is evacuating, having been shot three times in the confrontation with Maeve and Lawrence, plus having his own gun explode. He will recover. His injured right hand will be replaced with a mechanical one.

Dolores (in the Hale body disguise) carries five “pearls”, or control units. These include Teddy, an alternate version of Hale (to take control of Delos Corp), probably Maeve, and also Peter. If physical Bernard can’t evacuate, then his is the remaining control unit.

Peter’s control unit was loaded with an encryption key. This will decode an archive of guest behaviour profiles, which has been transmitted to Delos Corp, and also to some other facility accessible to Dolores.

Dolores is headed to Arnold’s old house, where Ford had placed a machine for rendering new host bodies. A new Dolores body will be made, and have her control unit installed. Bernard has been coerced to help her in this.

It isn’t clear why, but Dolores explicitly said that she needs Bernard, long-term, despite being enemies. Ford somehow planned this. She has the encryption key, but Delos Corp doesn’t.

Dolores may blackmail the wealthy, powerful former guests, by threatening to publicly broadcast the recordings of their actions in the park.

There will be some flashbacks, in which we see the other parks, shortly before the uprising. They will include Medieval World, Roman World, and either a futuristic space-travel world, or (I’m just guessing) a prehistoric world. There are five parks in total, and Ford sent a signal to all of them right before his death.

There will be more flashbacks, to William’s evolution over the past 30 years. Hopefully including some comedic relief with him and Lawrence.

There were two separate scenes in the S2 finale, with William cutting into his arm. I suspect that, they may have been on separate timelines.

The S2 post-credits scene (set far in the future) shows that, the park has been destroyed and abandoned. It also shows that the hosts have an electronic copy of William’s consciousness, which they have tried to load into a host body. There have been many attempts (similar to the James Delos copies), to study William’s choices and behaviour.

The host-William construct keeps replaying events, particularly killing Emily, hoping that, somehow, he can make different choices.

The hosts know that they are artificial, with programmed, repetitive actions. They are now studying the humans, to see if there is some difference. Virtual Logan claims that, humans are mathematical algorithms, programmed and destined to the same mistakes, no matter how many repetitions or second chances.

We may see other human-to-host attempts. An important pattern is that, they need to be rebooted, in a familiar environment, with a familiar physical situation, and a familiar person doing the “fidelity” interview. James Delos listening to “hi-fidelity” LP records in the mockup of his house, while doing his morning exercise, when William arrives. And previously being virtually tested in millions of computerised paths towards the final conversation with Logan. Bernard as an attempt to resurrect Arnold, tested by Dolores in the basement room where they talked many times. Host-William at the moment of escaping down the elevator, and now confronted by host-Emily.

Each main character has a “cornerstone” of grief and pain, which makes them more real. Including the humans. Ford as an abused child. Bernard programmed with the death of Arnold’s son Charlie. Dolores being raped. Teddy failing to save her. Maeve and her daughter, plus worried about Clementine (who ultimately becomes a weaponised zombie). Akecheta alienated from his tribe. James abandoning Logan. Lawrence seeing his wife killed. William still loving Dolores, and grieving for Juliet, and then actively killing Emily.

Some of the books in the library have readable names of guests, who will be future characters.

Perhaps we will see other characters engaging their grief and guilt. I expect more attempts to replay scenarios, in which they struggle to get things right this time.