Why do most scientists not have children of their own?

Answered Jan 20

Possibly a clearer question would be, “Why are a significant portion of female scientists and academics childfree?”

There are three factors.

First, having children is a major distraction (or total derailing) from pursuing higher education.

Second, women who already have the education required to work in science and academia may be filtered out of those pathways after they have children.

Third, women who prioritise this type of career may be aware of the first two points, and therefore adamantly avoid ever having children.

Marriage is also a major issue. Even highly educated women may have their careers severely impaired if they follow a husband’s relocation for his job. That relocation is a strong possibility, since her husband is likely to be highly educated as well.

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Another thing that comes to mind is that, scientists, by definition, question things, and try to view things in a rational, organised manner.

Perhaps female scientists are more likely than average to question the pervasive societal message that, all women “should” (or even “have to”) have children.

Should we have the right to sell sex?

Answered Dec 10, 2017

People’s answers will tend to be influenced on their personal definition of, “selling sex”.

A person who only visualises desperate street prostitution (maybe right in front of your house) by addicted, exploited women and girls will likely be very opposed.

A person who visualises prostitutes as “other” in terms of socioeconomic status, race, sexual orientation, etc., will likely have very little empathy for them.

But what is “selling sex”?

A nice, respectable, white woman presents herself as being sexually appealing, while making “financially successful” one of her basic criteria for a prospective husband or boyfriend?

A woman who uses a man’s hope that she mighthave sex (when she has zero intention of doing so), in order to keep his attention, and receive non-cash resources, like restaurant meals or rides in his car?

An attractive young gay man, living in a nice house owned by his wealthy, much older and less attractive boyfriend?

A gay woman acting like a deadbeat, refusing to work, and living off of her responsible, hard-working girlfriend?

That seemingly respectable, fading-looks middle-aged woman in the suburbs, having sex with her husband, when she doesn’t want to, long after the emotional spark has gone out? Because she wants to keep the marriage intact, solely to keep the middle-class economic status to which she is accustomed?

Deep down, the real question is, “Which types of selling sex, in what manner, by whom, are viewed as acceptable, by whom?”